SEMPA enables people who are older, or disabled, or have a health condition, or just vulnerable to live independently in their own home by employing and managing their own care staff / Personal Assistants (PAs).

SEMPA therefore stands for:
Supporting Employers Managing Personal Assistants

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Support for older people or disabled people or those with a health condition, or those who are vulnerable

  • Are you an older person who wants to stay in your own home but needs some extra help to do so – and does not want to go into care yet? Click here
  • Are you a disabled person or someone with a health condition, or someone who is vulnerable – and who wants to live independently? Click here

Support for professionals and relatives / friends

  • Are you a social worker or health professional? Click here
  • Are you a charity who works with the elderly or disabled people? Click here
  • Are you a teacher or college lecturer? Click here
  • Are you a relative or friend of someone you feel would benefit from
    • moving out of care, or
    • remaining in their own home rather than ‘going into care’? Click here

Support for groups...

Maybe you are a social worker, or college lecturer or charity responsible for a number of people who want to live independently by employing their own PAs? We can offer our employerABILITY programme as a 1 year or modular programme to suit.

We need your stories...

For much of our work we use the lived experience or stories of experienced employers of their care staff / PAs to share as a vital resource for others who need support in taking up this role. We hope you will share your stories.

Join others and join the Guild

Being an employer of carers / PAs in your own home can be a lonely experience, so why not join others and become a member of the ‘Guild of Employers of PAs’? This has been established for employers to:

  • raise, set and maintain standards for being an employer of PAs,
  • provide support to employers of PAs, directly and by peer to peer support by helping each other
  • increase the status of employers of PAs, and
  • provide a national voice.

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